Many of my comics have prompted angry letters to the editor, but none caused as much of an outrage as SELL YOUR SOUL TO EVIL. This cartoon made the ten o'clock news out in Denver when it was published in the aftermath of the Columbine Massacre. Apparently the locals took this cartoon literally and a brief riot erupted outside the newspaper's office sparking this local news broadcast. My favorite part is when they get that old lady on the street to read the "pledge" aloud. WATCH THE CLIP NOW!

Sell Your Soul by M. Wartella

Reproduced from the syndicated comic strip which originally appeared in one or all of the following papers:
New York Press, Phoenix New Times, SF Weekly, New Times L.A., Denver Westword, Miami New Times,
Albuquerque Alibi, Baltimore CityPaper, Cleveland Scene, Dallas Observer, & C-Ville Weekly.

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